My name is Douglas Newhouse, I’m am the CEO and Producer of True Legends Production and Films. I started my journey into writing lyrics and recording vocals as rap artist. In 2018 I decided to attend Full Sail University for a Bachelor's of Science in Digital Cinematography. I’m interested in making music videos, documentaries, movies, and creating content. I also like to expand my horizon and will collab with other filmmakers in the industry, but my biggest vision is to write scripts for big blockbuster movies.


   One thing we do at True Legends Production and Film is try to incorporate culture, leadership, and wealth into everything we do. We like to go outside the norm and use our creativity for the essence of life. Sometime the ideas could seem to be rebellious, but we root ourselves in righteousness, love and peace. Our goal is to satisfy our clients with breathtaking content and deliver a smash hit every time the film is rolling.


   What we like to achieve here, is developing a relationship with our clients and working directly with them, so we make sure to give them what they want. We try to understand the clients vision and ideas to use critical thinking for the best outcome. Our top-of-the-line equipment, software and cinematic approach would leave audiences breathtaking on premiere. Professionalism is our motto and to service our client will be done. So, if there’s any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

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